adjective:  brought back; revived; restored;
Restored to consciousness or life; presented in a new way.



noun:  hard work; activity, busyness, energy, vigor, productiveness.

The habit of working diligently and steadily for some useful purpose, or the creation of something of value.

Heavily inspired and influenced by great Modernist design of the 20th Century — movements such as Constructivism, de Stijl and the Bauhaus; and designer/makers such as Gerrit Rietveld, Jean Prouve and Rudolf Schindler — REDUX Industry specializes in the creation and hand fabrication of furniture and other useful objects (industria), seeking to reinvent classic, simple forms rich in function, utility and durability.

Based in San Antonio, TX, we make prominent usage of reclaimed, found materials in our work because, while transforming the discarded into something functional and valuable requires additional imagination, creativity and time, we find it incredibly satisfying to bring new life to what was otherwise heading to the landfill.

Since everything we make is 100 percent handmade and we seek to uncover the ideosyncrasies of individual materials and sometimes must substitute sizes, no two items will ever leave our shop in copycat fashion.

Expect to touch the history of the material and the craftsman’s hand in a multitude of ways — for example, distressed, aged wood with light subsurface paint, occasional sanding marks and graceful natural edges; plus, honest, raw steel exhibiting welds, splatter, burn marks — and most of all, rust. (All carbon steel will eventually rust, regardless of applied finish, even paint!)

Please note that, due to the unsteady supply of salvaged materials, many of our items are created in limited editions and once they’re gone, their gone!

REDUX Industry also contemplates and creates custom projects with discerning clients.



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