Salver Trays


ORIGIN mid-17th C:  from French salve, ‘tray for presenting food to the king’; Spanish salva ‘sampling of food,’ from salvar ‘make safe.’

Infinite uses:  Hot pots at the dining table.  Serving drinks on the veranda.  Eating in front of the big-screen. Bread-coolers after baking.

Made of perforated carbon steel, tube and rod sitting on vintage bolts, this versatile tray will rust with you for a lifetime.

Measures approx. 19″ wide X 15-1/2″ deep X 2-1/2″ high, with a surface of 16″ wide X 13-1/2″ deep.

Benjamin Arseguel, 2014Benjamin Arseguel, 2014

Nota Bene: Trays are NOT made of stainless steel, are not considered food-grade, and may rust over time.

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