R + B Redux | red blue chair, rietveld, steel, modern, modernist, chair, stainless steel, de stijl, constructivism, furniture, mondrian, dutch, holland, sculpture, austin, texas

Benjamin Arseguel, 2014

Redefined, 100 years later.  Elemental.  Dramatic.  Timeless.

R+B Redux:   The next-generation Neoplastic icon.

Inspired by the De Stijl Art Movement based in Holland from 1917-1931, which advocated pure abstraction and universality via a reduction to the essentials of form and color, simplifying visual compositions to the vertical and horizontal directions, and using only primary colors along with black, white and grey — and Gerrit Rietveld’s 1918 Red + Blue Chair, the classic of 20th Century design, the R+B Redux is from 2017 and beyond.

Both ergonomically brilliant and spare in its elements, the R+B Redux screams the elegant simplicity of industrial luxury.

Following in the steps of De Stijl member, Dutch painter Piet Mondrian’s delimitations in his essay Neo-Plasticism in Pictorial Art, “this new plastic idea will ignore the particulars of appearance, that is to say, natural form and colour. On the contrary, it should find its expression in the abstraction of form and colour, that is to say, in the straight line and the clearly defined primary colour.”

Born of a rugged, brushed carbon steel framework (using the original dimensions) suspending the comfortable, corrugated stainless steel back and seat — each having a slight ‘give’ — to create an technologically perfect specimen, the R+B Redux is Neoplasticism, reinterpreted.

This functional, sculptural statement takes on dynamic new life with each user’s unique choice of lighting and placement.





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