_MG_2222Benjamin Arseguel, 2014

Zen simplicity, majestically aged.

Ambidextrous joinery. Fully portable.

Vintage wood turned into objects for living and contemplation.

The Muse and Well-tempered Benches are powerful, simple statements of the wonder of recycling.


The Muse Bench

Musing, sitting, an occasional table.  Admire the puzzling joinery, knots and twists.

Built of vintage, aged Western Red Cedar bound with bolted rod for timeless durability, The Muse Bench is a classic object that will weather forever.

Museum Edition, approx. 70″, $650.  Garden Loveseat, approx. 52″, $600.  Entry Bench/Side Table, approx. 36″, $500.  X 17″ H X 14″ W.

Custom sizes available.



The Well-Tempered Bench

 A celebration of decomposition:  Unrefined.  Sensual.  Mysterious.

Tempered, “having the elements mixed in satisfying proportions”, is the philosophy behind these pieces.

Honoring the ravages, textures and colors that time, weather and parasites create in wood, the effort with The Well-Tempered Bench is to remove only that which is necessary — to leave behind the honesty of Nature, and still be safe to the touch. What remains is an incredibly satisfying experience of seating. Or daybed. Or yoga

These are rare works of Nature’s Art that will eventually fall away into the oblivion from whence they came…

Approximately 6′ L X 17″ H X 14″ W.  $750.



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